4 Eco-Friendly Homes We Secretly Wish To Have

When you are living in the city, it is easy to look for a real estate market in Chicago, IL. One of the trusted real estate experts and properties agent in Chicago is Nick Velicka. Working with Nick gives you an honest and straightforward approach which is refreshing for a change. 

Nick can help you search residential properties real estate listings for sale in Chicago. Even properties that haven’t hit the market yet. Is there something special you are looking for in your future home? Maybe a home that’s good for our environment?

Let us take a look at these single-family homes, condos, and three flats, and indulge at these eco-friendly properties that we secretly wish to have.

1. Zero Carbon Home

A zero-carbon home is energy efficient which makes its annual net carbon footprint zero. These homes are insulated, airtight, and low energy, which results in being a carbon-free home. They also produce enough renewable energy that they balance out any slight energy costs. They are also known as “zero energy homes” or “net-zero homes”.

2. Shipping Containers

Shipping containers come in a pretty standard size, however they can be stacked together to create a larger building. This option is used for low-income housing, dorms, and even small restaurants or coffee shops! 

The modern and industrial look of these steel containers makes them easy to spruce up in numerous ways. Shipping container homes are eco-friendly because they are the best examples of upcycling. You can save builders from using new materials plus, these homes are durable and require little labor. 

3. Natural Light

Flooding your home with natural light with floor to ceiling glass walls will off set the cost of a central heating systems. Its contemporary and modern design is attractive to both buyers and architects. 

The extensive floor to ceiling glass walls allows your home to collect heat from the sun and retain it through the winter. It can get hot during summer but there are louvers installed to make sure you don’t get too warm.

4. Solar

This house has eco-friendly systems that enjoy solar-powered climate control and fresh air ventilation. You can adjust them from winter to summer programs to maximize warmth in your home without making you sweat. It also controls the temperature through solar panels on rooftops and extensive windows.

Most solar-powered houses come with a high lifter water pump which does not use fossil fuels the way other water pumps do. It can send water into your home without being followed by a big carbon footprint.

While these houses may help Mother Earth, and help you conserve energy and may be cost-efficient in the long run, a home surrounded by the city you love is a practical move for now.

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