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Wicker Park

🧐How did the Wicker Park neighborhood come about?

Incorporated into the city limits in 1837, Wicker Park mostly sat idle, until brothers Charles G. and Joel H. Wicker bought and developed it in 1870.

These two donated the four-acre triangular park and divided up the surrounding land into building lots. After seeing the devastation of the Chicago Fire, the brothers insisted on building only brick buildings. They wanted to build a neighborhood that could withstand such devastation.

The Wicker Park you know wasn’t as large as it is today today. This happened much later, when developers wanted to build and sell expensive condos and expand the neighborhood.

Before then, the area was referred to as Polish Downtown. The plaza at the intersection of Milwaukee, Ashland, and Division pays homage to the original namesake and is referred to as “the Polish Triangle.” 🏠🏙