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Make your realtor your very best friend.


When it comes down to it a property site just skims the surface.  They show you active listings, sold properties, home prices, and sales histories. All that data will give you basic knowledge but won’t get down to the nitty-gritty. 

To assess all of this information like, how far that elementary school really is from the condo or where the best coffee shop is — talk to your real estate agent. Your agent can paint a picture of the neighborhood. Provide you with information like, is it growing? Is retailing coming in or going out?

An agent who can go above and beyond, can give you all the specific details about properties, hidden problems, and save you the time of visiting a random listing that you think maybe you want to see, but probably not. 

In addition to your realtor look at it’s a great way to see crime statistics. 

Check out to see how close you are to live’s basic needs, food and entertainment. 

And if education is on your list of priorities is a great resource to rate the schools in that area. 

Listen, the point is you’re probably not going to find your happy place while browsing listings on your phone or laying on the couch with your tablet. Instead, consider online shopping as your warmup, you try a bunch of different workouts, you get the body moving. Then it’s time to call your agent and get ready for the big game. It’s the only way you’ll win!