Nick Velicka | Real Estate Agent Chicago

I still need to move. What now?

A lot of measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the seller, the buyer, and their realtor. It’s important to take extra precautions and we would never force or even recommend that someone do a walkthrough if they are not comfortable. However, even when there is a pandemic, people still need to find a place to live. It may delay their move a bit, but they have to keep that ball rolling and moving forward.

Currently, I always begin by sending a virtual walkthrough. Realtors wouldn’t recommend leaving your home unless you are sure this is a place you would really like to live in. I and many other realtors are always happy to answer detailed questions, send pictures, and even measurements. Anything so you can make an informed and educated decision on your future home.

Here are some steps that are being taken to ensure your safety.

  1. A disclosure is signed. The agent, the seller, and the potential buyers walking through the unit will all have to sign a document stating they are aware of the risks. Everyone involved will take safety precautions and do anything possible to keep themselves and others at low risk.
  2. No more than four people can be in the unit at one time. Everyone must keep a safe social distance inside the unit.
  3. Masks are recommended at all times. All door handles going in and out will be sanitized before and after the walkthrough.

With @properties we have streamlined the process of your move. From virtual showings to drive-by or remote closings, we have made it easy for you to find your perfect home. Your health and safety is always a priority.